Simple method to enable air diving or air snorkeling breathing in no or a reduced number of viruses* for everyone with the help of CoronAir protection masks…

FOR: an immediate and autonomous response to CoV-2 that gives you back your positive outlook on life

AGAINST: general insecurity, loss of joy, economic crisis, social isolation, increasing domestic violence…

For several years the authors have had a successful scientific cooperation that resulted in various joint publications. Our focus is on fundamental strategies to protect lives against viruses and bacteria and the practical application of these strategies. We think it is very important to provide a tool that protects lives during the current COVID-19 pandemic and offers an immediate bidirectional protection that is globally applicable and easy to use. This tool is CoronAir. It should be implemented immediately in the medical, economic and public environment.

Note the following simple fact: Infection with the potentially deadly CoV-2 virus occurs only when airborne aerosols or droplets, e.g. from a cough, make direct contact with the face TRIANGLE (eyes, nose, mouth). Usually the virus is transferred from within a 2-meter radius, but there have been reports on infections via air movement from greater distances (usually indoors).
Infections via indirect contact when touching door handles or metal surfaces are imaginable, but currently these haven’t been reported yet and they are currently deemed rather improbable.

Another simple fact: Tightly fitted masks offer good protection against CoV-2:

However: The usual loosely fitted masks which leave the nose and eyes uncovered are highly problematic. They give the person wearing the mask and the people meeting this person a false sense of security.

This website contains information on two effective tight masks that prevent exposition to the virus bidirectionally(!) provided you closely follow the instructions for use.

Model 1)

The autonomous, user-friendly, mobile, portable CoVirPreSure Mask TOOL provides safety to people who are highly exposed to the virus and comes at a very low cost:

  1. Bidirectional virus protection of the TRIANGLE mucous membranes via a transparent face cover (commercially available full-face diving mask) after an individual underwater leak test
  2.  Permanent air overpressure within the mask using an adjustable breathing apparatus and an air outlet valve with “circular laminar flow
  3. Variable portable air reservoir (compressed air cylinder/manual pump)
  4. Sufficient amount of air and good air quality
  5. Fleece can be cut to size, remains dry
  6. Minimization of dead air volume
  7. Reduced amount of waste

CoVirPreSure  = Cover, Overpressure and Sure

Prevents contact with mucous membranes, keeps pathogens away and offers ecologically sustainable protection

Model 2)

LOW budget ambient air CleanBreezer mask with a commercial full-face diving mask as standalone solution with a simple filter unit at the top for dry FFP2/3 fleece sections:

  1. Bidirectional virus protection after an individual underwater leak test for the mask
  2. Sufficient amount of air and good air quality
  3. Fleece can be cut to size, remains dry
  4. Minimization of dead air volume
  5. Reduced amount of waste

Important note and disclaimer:

Effective protection is only achieved if you carefully follow the instructions above when using the tools.

*According to recent reports a low dosage of CoV-2 viruses causes a milder course of the disease whereas a higher dosage triggers more severe sickness

Instructions for Use

Putting on the masks is self-explanatory. Attach the filter unit/adapter, and seal it off with adhesive tape/parafilm if required.

However, you must adhere to the usual hygiene measures:

1) Washing your hands for 20 seconds at least

2) Secure, tight fitting of the mask; ideally, test the tightness individually in the bathroom/bathtub.

3) Fleece replacement at regular intervals

Important note and disclaimer:

Effective protection is only achieved if you carefully follow the instructions above when using the tools.

Dr. med. vet. Elmar M. Breuer
Veterinary Pathologist, Practicing Veterinarian
Östliche Allee 11
79379 Müllheim

Cooperation partner:
Professor Dr. Thomas Efferth

Editor-in-Chief, Phytomedicine  Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical  Biology  
Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry  Johannes Gutenberg University 
Staudinger Weg 5                              
55128 Mainz

Professor Dr. Martin Sieber

Applied science Institute for Functional Gene Analysis
Professor of biology, especially clinical research
von-Liebig-Strasse 20
53359 Rheinbach

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