CoronAir mask cover

We see our civic task in providing information, facts and targeted solutions to e.g. Notify and channel the current corona virus, but also individual self-protection options against (also aerogenic) TB and influenza contacts. On request, we make available „low budget“ community masks to everyone, including those working in the medical and humanitarian sector, which have not yet been explicitly tested. If you want to use it in the commercial area (application option as certified PPE, medical device), please also contact us. Contact see imprint.

We have the following hardware:

1) Complete system model 2 (filter attachment) with EU-compliant mask „Clean Breezer“ system

2) a) Filter attachment for community mask „Clean Breezer“ (with three-lip seal) and
b) Filter attachment for decathlon mask „Easy-Breath“ (with click lock)

Figure A adapter for „Clean Breezer“ community mask, Figure B adapter for „Easy-Breath“ decathlon mask

3) Complete system model 1 „CoVir PreSure“ compressed air system with regulator and standard compressed air bottle connection hose

4) Filter inserts

a) on filter floor: exhalation dehumidifying fleece

b) Filter cover clamping fleece: ideally FFP fleeces (or also cuts from commercially available mouthguards (1 makes 4 attachment clamping filters) but also, alternatively, vacuum cleaner filters can be cut to size … better than nothing!

Our products can currently only be ordered in Germany.

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