COVIR-Clean Breezer®

Air Snorkel

CoVir-Clean Breezer® (without compressed air supply) permanently provides virus-free air supply to eyes, nose and mouth and can thus protect lives.

Our CoVir-Clean Breezer® works without compressed air supply. UV sun irradiation (for 4-6 h on both sides) can be used to ensure germ reduction. Thus, the tool could e.g. also be used in developing countries.

The system TOOL consists of the following:

  1. Commercially available full-face snorkeling mask with a
  2. special dry filter unit to which
  3. FFP fleece material is attached
  4. Adapter ring for various mask manufacturers

A removable lid allows you to exchange the FFP fleece at any time.

This system filters all the inhaled and exhaled air so that viruses can neither be transferred from me to others nor vice versa. The inhaled air is received through the side that is facing away from the potential source of the virus.

This bidirectional protection is extremely cheap and becomes effective as of the first moment…

It enables safe contact between humans without the need to follow any social distancing rules.

Especially in the nursing or medical environment where it is often impossible to follow distancing rules, this system may prove extremely useful.
Meetings between grandparents and grandchildren, visits to anyone with a weak immune system, attendance of public events, all this will be possible again without any risks if CoVir-Clean Breezer® is used correctly.

Please note

Our system has no certification and is neither medically nor otherwise tested, so it is not a medical device.

CoronAir Medical Disclaimer
The following content, including but not limited to project descriptions, preliminary test results, images / images and prototypes, published here is intended to maximize the potential public benefit during this COVID-19 crisis, particularly in addressing the urgent need around one point-setting bidirectional exposure protection. The content will be presented promptly for review and approval. PLEASE NOTE: The content has only been examined by experts. The authors make no representations or warranties (express or implied) with regard to the accuracy, security, usefulness, user-friendliness, marketability, performance or otherwise of the content published here. The authors reject all express and tacit guarantees for the marketability and suitability of the content for a specific purpose and reject all express and tacit guarantees regarding the non-infringement of patents, copyrights, trademarks or other third party rights to content or use from the content or at Manufacture, use or sale of a product or service by any person or organization. Persons or organizations who attempt to use the content in any way, including the creation of products or the provision of services, assume all risks and responsibilities associated with these uses, including all legal and regulatory compliance, safety, effectiveness, performance, Design, marketability, title and quality. The authors assume no liability in connection with acts of third parties and with regard to violations of patents, copyrights or other rights of third parties. The content / CoronAir devices had not been used for formal testing with human subjects at this time.

Please note our

Instructions for Use

The application of the all-round completely sealing EU-compliant CoronAir mask is self-explanatory. In accordance with the triple-sealed, tightly fitting filter attachment / adapter, carefully screw it in (if necessary, only seal with adhesive tape / parafilm if you are using your own mask).
Before using the new mask for the first time, it is necessary to ensure tarnish protection, see details here.

  • Rub on the diving glasses with toothpaste. Use a soft cloth or your fingers.
  • Let the toothpaste dry and then remove the complete toothpaste from the mask. After that, the goggles must be rinsed out with clear water. Alternatively use soap.
  • Acclimatize your CoronAir mask to ambient temperature.
  • Spit on the inner mask to prevent fogging.
  • Rinse out the mask after spreading the spit.

The usual hygiene measures must be observed:

1) Washing your hands for 20 seconds at least

2) secure, tight mask fit; Attach the tightly fitting filter attachment / adapter (if necessary, seal with adhesive tape / parafilm only if you are using your own mask). Hold the top of the filter sealing with the palm of your hand, inhale … Mask space develops negative pressure: Mask tight. Alternatively, check for leaks individually in the bath / bathtub for the first time.

3) current masks hygiene

4) regular double fleece replacement

Further detailed information can also be found here:

Effective protection can only be achieved with careful, careful use as described.

The full face mask must be the correct size:

Important note and disclaimer:

Effective protection is only achieved if you carefully follow the instructions above when using the tools.

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