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Our Enemy

SARS-CoV-2: As never before, in the current COVID-19 situation humanity is helpless against a global virus pandemic. We want to help towards changing this situation. Here and now. We want to provide a simple, cheap and effective exposure prophylaxis that is bidirectional BEFORE pathogens like corona, influenza or TB can attack. On this site, we present a new idea and its first application.

Our Weapon

NO CONTACT WITH THE PATHOGEN  – that’s our strongest weapon. CoVir-Clean Breezer® permanently provides virus-free air supply to eyes, nose and mouth and can thus protect lives..


Similarly to influenza or herpes viruses, all coronaviruses such as CoV-2 are quite large and have a cover. Thus, they are considerably less robust than small uncovered viruses as noroviruses or parvoviruses. Infection with the potentially deadly virus occurs only when airborne aerosols or droplets, e.g. from a cough, make direct contact with the face TRIANGLE (eyes, nose, mouth). Usually the virus is transferred from within a 2-meter radius, but there have been reports on infections via air movement from greater distances (usually indoors). Infections via indirect contact when touching door handles or metal surfaces are imaginable, but currently these haven’t been reported yet and they are deemed rather improbable. The autonomous, user-friendly CoronAir masks offer secure protection against the virus by covering the three TRIANGLE mucous membranes of the face with a transparent cover. They come at a very low cost and can be used according to requirements. Two options are available: 1. Permanent air overpressure within a mask using a breathing apparatus and a variable portable air reservoir (Model 1) or 2. Permanent filtered air supply in a commercially available full-face diving mask (Model 2)

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